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February 6th 1967

with the support of the Ministry of National Defense of China and the local governments, Xiangsha chemical factory (Code name: 9615) was established in Jingmen, Hubei province. 


June 1979

9615 factory took its’ first step in entering into civil explosive market.



9615 became the first reformed enterprise in Hubei province, in order to explore new markets; the first joint-stock company was created.


October 28th 1997

Based on the past contribution of 9615 factory, Kailong Chemical Group Co., Ltd has been founded.



For Kailong, it was the year full of challenges and difficulties, however in order to overcome those factors, a new leadership was formed, based on this new leading group, related marketing strategies, managing system and the idea of technologic innovation were carried out. After two year reform exploration, Kailong found out a new way to success.


2003 – 2012

Kailong stripping its additive products, and then built up three privately owned companies, six production lines and two new projects step by step, and finally it becomes one of the top ten companies in China, who has three business pisions, four branch companies, nine holding companies and more than eight joint-stock companies


Since then, with the hard working of Kailong people, Kailong won more rewards from different region.






Kailong was regarded as National High-tech Enterprise, Hubei Postdoctoral Industry Base, Hubei Civil Blasting Engineering Technology Research Center and Hubei Technology Enterprise Center. Moreover, the brand “KAILONG” was rewarded as the famous local product and brand, the Chinese high-tech quality award, and Kailong Seismic Charge has also won the title – “National Customer Satisfaction Products”.


In addition of this, Kailong always focus on build up safety and environmental production line, with kailong people’s hard working, Kailong was regarded as a model of safety culture construction enterprise by Chinese government and has passed the ISO14001:2004 environmental system certification.


Currently, Kailong has 400 specialists from different domain and the ISO9001:2008 quality certification. During recent years, Kailong exploits approximately 110 new technologies and products, while 28 of them were awarded proprietary technology certification. 


For the future, Kailong are aim to export more quality products and perfect services all over the world, we believe that our responsible corporate practices will not only enhance our financial performance but the company which we cooperate with.