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Development history

Development history

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Development Overview

At the foot of the picturesque Shengjing Mountain in the northwest suburbs of Jingmen City, Hubei Kailong Chemical Group Co., Ltd., a leading enterprise in the production and operation of civilian explosive equipment in Hubei Province, is located,The company was restructured from the original Xiangsha Chemical Plant in 1994, producing five major categories of products: industrial explosives, ammonium nitrate, nitro compound fertilizers, nano calcium carbonate, and paper plastic packaging.Provide strong energy support for coal mine metallurgy, petroleum geological exploration, transportation and hydropower construction, forestry construction, metal processing, and engineering blasting. The group has 3 subsidiaries (business units), 66 holding subsidiaries, and 8 participating companies, with over 4000 employees.Its leading product, industrial explosives, has an annual production capacity of 231200 tons, covering more than 20 varieties and 145 specifications of four series: emulsion explosives, expanded ammonium nitrate explosives, modified ammonium oil explosives, and seismic charge columns. The production capacity of ammonium nitrate and compound fertilizers is 800000 tons/year, giving Kailong Chemical a more competitive advantage in the industry.The group has one specialized contracting enterprise for blasting and demolition engineering with Level 2 qualifications and multiple subsidiaries with Level 3 and Level 4 qualifications, Provide professional one-stop engineering design, safety assessment, safety supervision, and construction services for various blasting, demolition, and mining projects. With the continuous extension of the industrial chain, the group company has developed into a large civil explosive enterprise group that integrates scientific research, production, sales, and blasting engineering services, and is entering a track of rapid and healthy development.

The arduous start at the beginning of its establishment

In the 1960s, the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China formulated a strategic policy of "preparing for war, preparing for famine, and serving the people" in response to the international and domestic situation,We have issued a series of calls, such as "accelerating the construction of the third line, and striving for time with the emperor, cultivators, and opponents", According to the overall plan for the third tier construction determined by the state, Approved by the Fifth Ministry of Machinery Industry, On February 6, 1967, the Hubei Provincial Planning Commission officially issued the following document,The state-owned Xiangsha Chemical Plant emerged in Jingmen, Hubei,Under the leadership of the Ministry of Mechanical Engineering, the National Defense Industry Office of the Provincial Military Region, the Provincial Department of Industry, and the strong support of local governments at all levels, The first batch of personnel entered the construction site, and civil engineering and workshops began one after another, Opening a new chapter in the construction history of the state-owned Xiangsha Chemical Plant,It has sparked a mass enthusiasm for the construction of the third line. In order to catch up with the construction progress, Construction personnel are not divided into commuting or holidays, Sweat all over on a sunny day, mud all over on a rainy day, Struggling day and night on the construction site, The first explosive production line, the ammonium titanium explosive wheel grinding production line, was successfully put into operation on the eve of National Day in 1969, After several years of expansion, renovation, and leveling, the construction of the factory has become increasingly perfect, and the production of the enterprise has begun to take shape.

After the Third Plenary Session of the 11th Central Committee of the Communist Party of China, The Central Committee of the Communist Party of China, the State Council, and the Central Military Commission have issued a series of important instructions on the integration of military and civilian enterprises, A curtain of change targeting military enterprises has opened in the land of China, The state-owned Xiangsha Chemical Plant has been pushed to the forefront of the wave of reform.,In order to conscientiously implement the strategic policy of "adjusting and reforming to ensure military to civilian conversion" proposed by the central government, Driven by the reform of the urban economic system and in accordance with the specific deployment of the Ministry and Provincial Defense Industry Office, The factory will carry out comprehensive enterprise rectification based on actual conditions, Actively promoting pilot projects for factory director responsibility and economic responsibility systems, We will vigorously carry out the "Three Systems" reform, Breaking through the constraints of the 'wall economy', Breaking the 'iron rice bowl' and removing the 'iron chair', Injecting vitality and vitality into the enterprise, Enhanced adaptability to the market.Since June 1979, the company has made up its mind to adjust its product structure and prioritize the development of new products and projects as a strategic task, Mobilize a large number of technical backbone forces, We have started research and trial production of new products such as emulsion explosives, seismic charge columns, and aluminum silicate refractory fibers, From finding rice for cooking to developing civilian products, factories have taken a welcome step on the path of military civilian integration, The situation of relying solely on directive plans to issue production tasks has been changed, We have preliminarily explored a path for the development of civilian products, promoting the transformation of factories from simple production to production and operation. After more than ten years of entrepreneurial struggle, The factory has established a relatively strong material foundation, Having a strong technical team, Significant improvement in enterprise management and progress in product development, However, due to a single system and rigid mechanisms, it seriously restricts the rapid development of enterprises.


  1. Photos of workers in the early stages of factory construction in 1967
  2. In October 1997, Hubei Kailong Group was established and its core enterprise was renamed Hubei Kailong Chemical Group Co., Ltd
  3. In 2001, the reform of the enterprise property rights system underwent a thorough reform of the labor, employment, and distribution systems. It enhances the internal vitality of the enterprise and promotes its development. The picture shows the scene of the defense meeting for middle-level cadres competing for positions in the company
  4. In accordance with the requirements of building a modern enterprise system, the reform of "streamlining the main body and stripping auxiliary" has been carried out since the 1990s. The picture shows the company being restructured as a private enterprise from a craft and building materials factory under the former Jixing Property Company. The picture shows the establishment of Jingmen Guangcai Tuke Company
  5. In 2002, Enshi Branch of Hubei Kailong Group was established by merging with the original Enshi Chemical Plant
  6. In October 2004, a joint venture was established to establish Morgan Kailong (Jingmen) Thermal Ceramics Co., Ltd
  7. Established Lianxing Civil Tobacco Equipment Management Co., Ltd. in June 2006
  8. On September 28, 2007, the special cultural evening party for the 40th year since the establishment of Hubei Kailong Group Company was held at the Municipal Qun Art Museum
  9. Established in October 2007, Jingmen Kailong Civilian Explosive Company
  10. In the 20th century, the company carried out capital operations and accelerated the pace of mergers and acquisitions within the province, striving to build a large civil explosive enterprise group.


start a new undertaking

In 1994, the original Xiangsha Chemical Plant took the lead in carrying out corporate transformation in the military industry system of the province.Created the first joint-stock enterprise.,In order to explore new ways of capital aggregation, fission, and expansion, On October 28, 1997, Hubei Kailong Group, with Hubei Kailong Chemical Group Co., Ltd. as the core, was officially established,The separation of main and auxiliary components and the construction of a group framework, Laying the foundation for the development of enterprises to take off in the new century with light equipment,Entering the new century in the year 2000, The market economy is characterized by "Eight Immortals Crossing the Sea", "Striving in All Sides", and "Fighting on Their own", Having put the enterprise through the severe test of fierce competition and ups and downs, The new leadership team is visionary, repositioning itself,,We have made the decision of being completely transformed and undergoing overall restructuring, I have made up my mind to burn the boat and fight against the water, With the support and guidance of superiors, Timely adjust development strategies, Focusing on the strategic thinking of "modernization of management, high-tech industries, large-scale operations, market-oriented mechanisms, and market internationalization", Increase investment, focus on achieving the high-tech industrialization of traditional industries, and practice the development strategy of "strong main hard wings" products, Implement the "Revitalization Plan" of "Five Year Takeoff and Three Steps", As if facing an abyss and walking on thin ice, we embarked on the path of a second entrepreneurship, After more than two years of reform and exploration, The implementation of the "three systems" reform with the property rights system as a breakthrough has been in place, All employees changed their identities and bought out 297 employees for resettlement; Constructing a dynamic equity system; Formed a community of shared interests with enterprises, The competition of cadres and employees for positions has enhanced the awareness of crisis responsibility; We have implemented a piecemeal salary, job responsibility salary, and annual salary system, The implementation of risk mortgage contracting has greatly activated internal potential. Gradually shifting from "extensive" management to "refined" management, The company's production and operation have been reported with success, and technological innovation achievements have emerged one after another. From 2003 to 2005, the company spun off its subsidiary business and established three private companies, We have successively started the construction of 10000 tons/year nano calcium carbonate and 62500 tons/year ammonium nitrate projects, Becoming a new economic growth point for the company. During the 11th Five Year Plan period, The company is rapidly developing major projects in a forward and backward direction along the industrial chain. Three modified ammonium oil production lines, one expanded ammonium nitrate production line, and one emulsion explosive production line with an annual production capacity of 12000 tons per shift have been built. Equipped with a mobile ground mixed loading emulsion explosive vehicle, Established an engineering blasting company and a metal explosion composite project team.The ammonium nitrate production line of Zhongxiang Kailong Chuxing Company reached production in 2007, The second phase of the project was completed and put into operation in May 2011. During the 11th Five Year Plan period, enterprises achieved an average increase of 30% in profits, taxes, and sales revenue, The enterprise has entered a new stage of development.

spanning development

In 2009, the group company proposed the "12th Five Year Plan" for unconventional development goals, At the end of 2010, the group company launched a grand "Learn from Yinguang, Learn from Jiangnan, Widely identify gaps, strive to catch up,Implement the "Kailong Chemical's Third Entrepreneurship Activity", Further clarify the development goals and plans of the group company, The enthusiasm of all employees for entrepreneurship has greatly increased, he enthusiasm for work continues to rise. At the beginning of 2012, the group company further adjusted its strategic development plan, Propose to hold high the banner of development of 5 billion yuan, Promote the strategic goal of "Kailong's leapfrog development" and build the great vision of "Four Kailong's", While adjusting its development strategy and deepening enterprise reform, the group company, Continuously strengthen the construction of enterprise safety culture, Improve the concept system of corporate culture, Pay close attention to all aspects of production, operation and management,Effectively reversed the unfavorable situation, Economic development maintains growth in times of adversity. In 2013, the group company deepened the reform of the employment system, Clarify job responsibilities, optimize human resource allocation, Carry out full competition for positions to further clarify the company's responsibility and authority system, Everyone has found suitable positions, and their talents can be fully utilized, The enthusiasm for work among cadres and employees is high, and the vitality of the enterprise is further enhanced. In 2014, facing increasing downward pressure on macroeconomic operations, The competition in the civilian explosive product market is intensifying, The sales of ammonium nitrate series products have been in a disadvantageous situation such as operating at a loss, The group company focuses on improving the quality and efficiency of economic development, Taking the Party's mass line education and practical activities as a strong driving force, Vigorously carry out activities to seek dividends from reform, innovation, management, and responsibility culture learning and education, Further promote the deepening of enterprise reform, strengthen the inspection and assessment of internal control system implementation, Promoting enterprise innovation, strengthening marketing, and overcoming various adverse factors。Promoted the sustained and stable development of the enterprise. December 9, 2015. The company's stock was successfully listed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange, fulfilling the dreams of Kailong people for many years.



Company Outlook


Development Strategy for the 14th Five Year Plan

Following the development philosophy of "innovation, coordination, green, openness, and sharing",Implement the "One, Two, Three" development strategy.

One is to further expand the industrial chain, optimize and expand the five major sectors, Forming industrial clusters and promoting symbiotic and intensive development, Further establish and improve the safety production responsibility system, effectively implement safety responsibilities, Continuously deepening the construction of safety culture, making the "subconscious" of safety deeply rooted in people's hearts; Further enhance the sense of mission, responsibility, and sense of responsibility in environmental protection work, Adhere to green and low-carbon circular development, and solidly carry out carbon peak and carbon neutrality related work.

The second is to hold high two flags: One is to persistently promote the high-tech and intelligent development of traditional industries. The second goal is to achieve a revenue of 10 billion yuan and a net profit of 1 billion yuan.

The third is to cultivate three emerging industries, Fully utilize the capital market platform, Utilize the capital operation advantages of listed companies, introduce and graft high-tech, Focusing on the hydrogen energy industry, Cultivate the company's new energy, new materials, and new equipment industries, Strive to grow and strengthen the "three new" industries through two to three years of efforts.