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Kailong Co., Ltd Chairman

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Mr. Shao, Xingxiang, a member of the Communist Party of China, born in September 1957, holds a college degree and is a senior economist in a vocational college, Senior political engineer, senior professional manager, enjoying special government allowances issued by the State Council. Shao Xingxiang has successively won the National May Day Labor Medal, model worker of Hubei Province, Outstanding Entrepreneur of Hubei Province, Jingchu Meritorious Enterprise Circle 60 people in 60 years, Hubei Province Science and Technology Entrepreneurs, Hubei Province Outstanding Business Managers Relying on Employees to Run Enterprises, Hubei Province Outstanding Ideological and Political Workers。Honorary titles such as "Entrepreneur with Outstanding Contribution to Entrepreneurship and Prosperity in Hubei Province", Jingmen model worker, Jingmen "Top Ten Entrepreneurship Stars", "Jingmen Outstanding Talents", etc. He was elected as the representative of Jingmen Municipal People's Congress, the standing committee member of Jingmen Municipal People's Congress, and is now the representative of Hubei Provincial People's Congress, the party representative of Jingmen City, the executive director of Hubei Entrepreneur Association, the executive director of National Civil Explosive Industry Association, and the vice chairman of Hubei Civil Explosive Industry Association, Mr. Shao Xingxiang joined Xiangsha Chemical Plant in 1980 and successively served as a workshop process technician, sales department process technician, sales department deputy director, chemical branch deputy director, supply and marketing department deputy director, sales department director, civil explosive sales department director, and deputy factory director, Since August 1994, he has served as the Executive Vice General Manager, Marketing Department Manager, and Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee of Hubei Kailong Chemical Group Co., Ltd; Since December 2000, he has served as the Chairman and Party Secretary of the company.

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