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Company Profile

Company Profile

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Hubei Kailong Chemical Group Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "the company") is a state-owned Xiangsha Chemical Factory (codenamed 9615 Factory), a former provincial military enterprise, which was restructured and established in 1994. After more than 50 years of entrepreneurial development, the company has grown from a single local military enterprise to a diversified enterprise group. It is a leading enterprise in the civil explosive industry in Hubei Province and a key backbone enterprise in the national civil explosive industry. The company was listed on Shenzhen Stock Exchange on December 9, 2015.

The registered capital of the company is 391.24 million yuan, with over 4000 employees, 3 branches, and 66 holding subsidiaries (grandchildren). The company's subsidiaries are distributed in Xinjiang, Ningxia, Shandong, Guizhou, Liaoning, as well as Wuhan, Jingmen, Yunmeng, Guangshui, Macheng and other places in Hubei Province.

The company is the only enterprise with a whole industrial chain in the civil explosive industry in China, and has formed a whole industrial chain development model of synthetic ammonia, Ammonium nitrate and compound fertilizer, civil explosive materials, blasting services, mining and dangerous and dangerous goods transportation. At present, its production and operation business mainly includes five sectors: civil explosive materials, chemical products, mining products, engineering blasting services and modern logistics. The industrial explosive production license in the civil explosive equipment sector has a capacity of 231200 tons/year (including a mixed explosive production capacity of 60000 tons), with four major varieties: emulsion explosive, expanded explosive, modified ammonium oil explosive, and seismic charge column; We have a production license capacity of 70.08 million digital electronic detonators, 5 million production licenses for nonel detonators (export only), 370 million meters for plastic detonators, 20 million meters for industrial detonators, and 4500 tons for relay detonators; In the chemical products sector, the comprehensive production capacity of Ammonium nitrate and compound fertilizer is 800000 tons/year, and the production capacity of synthetic ammonia is 200000 tons/year; In the mining products sector, the production capacity of building stones is 10 million tons/year, the production capacity of Calcium oxide (lime) is 1 million tons/year, and the production capacity of nano calcium carbonate is 50000 tons/year; There are a total of 15 qualified blasting companies at all levels in the engineering blasting service sector, including 3 first level qualified blasting companies; There are 11 logistics companies in the modern logistics sector, including 10 dangerous goods transportation companies and 1 railway dedicated line transportation company. The total number of transportation vehicles is 336, with a rated load capacity of about 2300 tons.

The company has excellent research and development capabilities, strong technical strength, and more than 400 professional and technical personnel, including 63 senior professional and technical personnel; Established four major research and development institutions, including Kailong Wuhan Research Institute, Wuhan Smart Agriculture Research Institute, Calcium Carbonate Product Research Institute, and Blasting Technology Research Institute, and created four major technology platforms, including provincial-level technology centers, Hubei Civil Blasting Equipment Engineering Technology Research Center, Hubei Postdoctoral Kailong Industrial Base, and Kailong Chuxing Academician Expert Workstation; Through years of independent research and development, a total of 490 new products and technologies have been developed, and 296 patents have been obtained, including 22 invention patents; Undertake the research on the project of expanded ammonium nitrate seismic explosive and emulsified series seismic explosive of the national torch plan, developed the expanded ammonium nitrate seismic explosive with Nanjing University of Science and Technology for the first time and was rated as a national new product, and the JK emulsion explosive technology and equipment developed in cooperation with Shenzhen Golden Aobo Company filled the gap at home and abroad, reaching the domestic leading and international advanced level; The company has achieved significant technological innovation results and is a national high-tech enterprise and a demonstration enterprise for the integration of industrialization and industrialization. Five subsidiaries have been successively recognized as high-tech enterprises, two subsidiaries have been selected as "Little Giant" enterprises in Hubei Province, and two subsidiaries have been awarded the "Hubei Province Demonstration Enterprise for the Integration of Industrialization and Industrialization"; Has won the first and second prizes in science and technology from the China Explosive Equipment Industry Association, the second and third prizes in provincial-level scientific and technological progress, and the first and second prizes in municipal scientific and technological progress multiple times.

The company has established a sound quality management system and passed the ISO9001:2015 quality system certification. The "Kailong" brand explosive produced by the company has won the honorary titles of "Hubei Province Famous Brand Product" and "Hubei High tech Product Quality Award for 60 Years of New China". The "Kailong" trademark has been awarded the titles of "Hubei Famous Trademark" and "China Famous Trademark", and the "Kailong" brand seismic source explosive column has been awarded the title of "National User Satisfaction Product".

The company firmly adheres to the safety concept of "safety is the foundation of the survival of enterprises and employees", adheres to people-oriented strengthening of safety, maintains safety through sound systems, ensures safety through strict inspection and assessment, increases investment to improve safety, and focuses on creating a "safety subconscious" safety value system. This value system has successfully applied for management patents. The company has been awarded the Hubei Provincial Safety Production Red Flag Unit by the Hubei Provincial Government for nine consecutive times, and has been awarded the honorary titles of the first "Top Ten Safety Production Demonstration Enterprises" in Hubei Province. It has been recognized as the "National Safety Culture Construction Demonstration Enterprise" by the State Administration of Work Safety. The company continuously improves its environmental management level, actively assumes corporate social responsibility, implements clean and civilized production, and has passed the ISO14001:2015 environmental system certification.

The company continuously strengthens its corporate culture construction around reform and development. Based on adhering to the unity, dedication, and perseverance of military workers, it promotes the main theme, shapes a new image, and aspires to the corporate vision of "a century old enterprise, a flagship of civil explosion". It extracts the core values of "responsibility, dedication, innovation, and progress", and constructs a "value community" of middle-level and above leaders in the company, And the "common values" of the "value community" have been formed, and the work principle of "striving for excellence every day and striving for progress by everyone" has been established among all employees, making Kailong culture a strong spiritual pillar for the unconventional development of the enterprise.

With rapid economic growth and excellent business performance, the company has won the "Golden Bull Award for Chinese Listed Companies", "Outstanding Industrial Chain Innovation Award for Chinese Listed Companies", "Outstanding Contribution Unit in the Thirty Years of Enterprise Reform and Opening up in Hubei Province", "Yangtze River Quality Award in Hubei Province", "exemplary organization for Economic Benefits in Hubei Province", "Best Selling Gold Award for Similar Products in Hubei Province", "Top 100 Manufacturing Enterprises in Hubei Province" "Jingmen City High quality Development Outstanding Contribution Enterprise", etc; The company has a good social credit and has been awarded the "Top 100 Honest Enterprises in China Listed Companies", "National Contract abiding and Trustworthy Enterprise", "National May Day Labor Award", "First Top 100 Honest Taxpayers in the Province", "National Market Quality Credit User Satisfaction Enterprise", "Excellent Credit and Honest Customers in Hubei Province", "Consumer Satisfaction Unit in Hubei Province", and "Excellent Honest Enterprises in Hubei Province" Honorary titles such as "Hubei Province Labor Security Integrity Unit" and "Hubei Province Civilized Integrity Demonstration Enterprise".

The company is willing to work hand in hand with friends at home and abroad to seek common development and repay customers and society with better products and services.